About Us

Sabre Collective provides marketing, communication and sales solutions with a flair for creativity and innovation.

Brenda Bailey and Sarah Seddon

Between them, they were the brains trust behind two of Melbourne’s most successful hospitality and event companies. Lifelong friends for over 25 years, Brenda Bailey and Sarah Seddon know what it takes to build a business and take it to the top (and keep it there!).

Marketing maverick Sarah and sales supremo Brenda and are an unrivaled combination – what they don’t know is not worth knowing. Between them they have seen and done it all.

Combined they are a force to be reckoned with.

Key Services

  • Marketing and communications
  • Brand management and revitalisation
  • Sales Training and Workshops
  • Business health checks focused on sales, marketing and service
  • Tender strategy through to bid management
  • Development of innovation and creativity concepts
  • Corporate profiling and public relations
  • Strategic planning and implementation