Sabre Collective is a boutique consultancy with a flair for creativity and innovation.

Unlike other agencies, with large overheads, our business model is agile and dynamic, bringing together a ‘specialist collective’ customised to you, your project and your desired outcome.

As passionate strategists, we build awareness, develop profiles, manage reputations and enhance stakeholder relationships.

Our experience covers a footprint across tourism, food & wine, events & hospitality, lifestyle and sustainability.

Key Services

  • Marketing and communications : plans and campaigns
  • Brand : strategy development, management and revitalisation
  • Business health checks : Brand extensions, market penetration, diversification, market development, product development
  • Tender strategy through to bid management
  • Customer experience mapping and blueprints
  • Corporate profiling and public relations
  • Strategic planning and implementation

Introducing CITE

CITE by Macutex is a unique 360 imagery and 3D modelling technology that can:

  • Pivot your product to connect to new audiences
  • Offer customers are more intimate and immersive experience with your business
  • Keep your customers/membership/ stakeholders engaged with you
  • Move your business online to an interactive sales platform
  • Drive Sales


CITE is a new marketing tool - perfect in this new working world for the visitor economy businesses.

It is a fully branded interactive walk through of the business, giving you the edge and helping you stand out from your competitors.

It’s a game changer and takes your marketing to a new level and it is sure to be your new effective generator of leads/ convertor of sales.

 Above all, this technology allows you to stay connected in an interactive way with your customers in this period of ‘physical distancing’


CITE is the technology that supplements your bricks and mortar footprint and sales 24/7 from anywhere.

Your customer can enjoy an immersive brand experience like they are shopping in your store and with a click of a button, the shopper can access product information, see further images and then add the items to their shopping cart.

See your online conversation and sales revenue increase.


CITE is the new way to conduct virtual house inspections.

It’s a unique way to communicate points of difference via a virtual walk through with messaging and information captured visually giving you a dynamic story telling tool and a new way to attract and engage potential buyers.